Connect goodreader to Dal Gdrive


I was pretty stoked when I realized that I could connect my iPad to the Dalhousie G drive. I already use dropbox so I am not in dire need of document sharing, but the Gdrive can be easier to use on campus. I thought I would share how to do it and in the spirit of seeing what else this iPad can do I decided to make the tutorial screen shot, write it up and post it from here as well.

So here we go.
To connect to your Dalhousie Gdrive from your iPad using goodreader.

Click on the “connect to servers” button


Click add to add a remote server.


Select the FTP server option from the list of possible server types.


URL address is
The user is your netid – this is the first part of your email address.
You use the same password as your mydal


Click on the blue arrow to view the files in your Dalhousie folders.


There you have it.

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