3D printing in the library


I’m pretty keen on hacker spaces in general and bringing people together through shared resources.  Maybe that’s why I’m in library school.

NPR posted this interesting article on having 3D printing as part of hacker spaces in libraries. I’ve embedded the video from the article because it is pretty cool and I think sharing the ideas widely is their goal.

In the video there are several references to “everyone” having one of these 3D printers in their homes, and I would like to go on the record as being a little uncomfortable with that particular philosophy.  I don’t think that I really need 24-7 access to a 3D printer. The idea that everyone should have their very own “car, printer, copy of the book, etc”, is in my opinion problematic. I realize that it currently underpins the economic model we use, and without hyper-consumerism we would be in for a pretty sever recession. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t begin to think about programs where we can efficiently share resources.

Getting back to the 3d printer idea, I think the idea that these machines will be able to recycle broken materials more or less instantly is fantastic.

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