Antigonish Town and County Public Library adds 24 hour check out service


24 hours a day checkout service from a local library, yes please.

I first read about this in the CLA newsletter and then went to the Pictou county website  to see if they had any more information on the project. I found a copy of their press release, and presumably, there is a way to request this option if you are logged in. According to their press release “By request, patrons can pick-up their hold-requests after-hours. Individual patrons are temporarily assigned an access code, that when entered, will open a book locker that contains their requested materials.” This is a great way to support those library users that simply cannot make it to the library during the regular opening hours.

From a library perspective I imagine it is a big risk, because there it adds work to what is likely already a small staff and it if this becomes popular, then they could run out of book lockers. I for one applaud this library for accepting these risks in their effort to provide the service their community needs.

One thought on “Antigonish Town and County Public Library adds 24 hour check out service

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! I can definitely see how it would affect the library staff, but it’s really great for patrons, as you mentioned. I can’t wait to see how it’s doing in a few months.

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